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Atlanta Ghost Tours

We are moving our web site to new servers. After April 30, 2012, our old servers will be inaccessible. Please bear with us as we navigate this transition.

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A City Haunted

Thank you for your interest in Atlanta Ghost Tours.


We are delighted that you want to join our guides as they tell their stories of Atlanta’s haunting past that will edutain, terrify, sadden and if you are from the South or Atlanta deliver a strong sense of pride. They may even make you laugh. Beware, some of our guides may appear scary, but they mean you no harm.

Currently we are going through our start up phase. That means we are hiring and training guides, waiting for others to complete legalities or others are waiting for us to complete legalities.

We hope to open sometime in 2012.

We will notify you when we have a definite opening date. In the meantime please enjoy our website. We are adding content all the time to make your wait a pleasant and edutaining experience. Please be sure to read our FAQs as they are meant to enhance your visit to Downtown Atlanta and all it has to offer. Our FAQs are currently a tremendous one stop resource for planning your visits to events, venues, culture, entertainment, dining and nightlife in Downtown Atlanta.

We would like to express our appreciation to all of you who have written to us regarding your excitement and anticipation about Atlanta Ghost Tours. We are looking forward to meeting you and perhaps frightening you a little bit in the not too distant future.

Until then, Happy Hauntings,

Atlanta Ghost Tours



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